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    Red face Unanswered: Small database design issue

    Hello there.

    I've done some database designing before, but I've run into a little problem that sorta makes my brain boil whenever I try to solve it.

    Basically, I'm making a system where people can select an ad for a site. This ad can be either a text link, or an image file they upload.

    My problem is that the image ad will have quite a few more properties associated with it, than the text type.

    So if we say that this is the main table:


    Obviously, in case of it being a text ad, I'd have imagePath, imageName and ImageExtension being empty, which will not do.

    I've tried thinking of having a reference to a table with the ad type, but that would still have to hold those image properties, which would result in empty space in case of a text ad.

    How do I separate those image fields to a place where they won't just be empty space when its a text ad?

    I'm sorry if the question is very simple, but I simply cant wrap my head around this.

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    if you can't abide by the idea of null data then consider using the sub/supertype model
    OR if you 'know' this is the only variation dump the image related stuff into a table with a one to one relationship
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    Well, its not that I can't abide by NULL data, but I was always under the impression that having NULL data in your table on a regular basis was a database sin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruiser18 View Post
    ...having NULL data in your table on a regular basis was a database sin.
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