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    Unanswered: Query Building with Percentages


    I need some help writing a query in Access 2010 if anybody is able to help me.

    There are two tables "Clients" and "Calls". This is a one-to-many relationship whereby there can be many calls attached to each client record.

    I need a query that:

    1) Finds all records from the 'Calls' table with the 'Date of Call' field between a user-inputted start date and end date, and counts them. (This count I will call: 'CALLCOUNT'.


    2) Finds all records from the 'Clients' table that a) have the option of 'Receiving Service' selected in the 'Client Status' field AND b) have either the option 'Response Only' or 'Monitoring & Response' in the 'Service Level' field. These two fields are in the 'Clients' table. It should then count these records. (I will call this count 'CLIENTCOUNT')


    3) Works out the formula: (CALLCOUNT/CLIENTCOUNT)*100 to give me a percentage which shows me the average number of calls per client (counting only those clients that meet the criteria above)
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    Please post the complete definition of both tables.
    Have a nice day!

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