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    Unanswered: Couple challenges to overcome with Invoicing/Order Form

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to Access. I'm putting together an ordering database for our helpdesk staff to use to improve the way it's done now, which is by excel spreadsheets. I've successfully migrated the excel spreadsheet list of sites and parts into new tables and now I'm building the order form. I'm having 2 main challenges now:

    1. Under normal circumstances we will bill the same site that we ship to but under other circumstances we may need to bill another "head office" and ship to a different site. So, we have a "bill to" address and a "ship to" address and they seem to be linked together. When I select a site in the bill to list it mirrors the same information in the ship to list. We need them to be unlinked so we can select different sites, based on the same table. Is that possible or do I need to make a copy of the "Site List" table and call it something like "Site List2" to generate different results?

    2. I'm building the order subform and I have the order subform as a seperate table linked to another table that has all our parts that we supply and prices. What we need is when selecting the part description it auto populates the partno and retailprice. I'm pretty clear on calculating the extended price based on the qty entered but when I select a part description based on the price list none of the other information carries over.

    I've attached a screenshot to help better describe the challenges I'm facing, I'm sure it's an easy fix but just need some directional guidance on how to fix the issue. I've also attached a zip file of the database and form for a better eyes on look at the issue.
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