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    Unanswered: MDX Help: How to select last changed value of a measure


    I am hopelessly lost on a MDX-Statement. We are trying to select the last changed value of a measure within the last 30 days and compare this to the current measure value to see wether this has increased, decreased or not changed at all.
    We have basically 2 Dimensions (Timeline and Opportunity) and 1 Fact (Revenue). As already described we now want to evaluated, whether revenue has changed within the last 30 days. The result will be displayed in a SSRS-Report (don't have a problem here).
    "All" I need to select via MDX, would be the last changed value and the current value. I tried to use the KPI function, but unfortunatly to no avail.

    Could anyone give as a hint how to do such a select in MDX?

    Thanks in advance

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    More info

    Hmm, I try to provide more detail information

    I have 2 dims which kind of look like follows:

    Opportunity Timeline
    ID Name Status Key Date etc.
    ------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
    1 A Open 20120501
    2 B Open 20120502
    3 C Open 20120503

    And 1 Fact-Table:

    OppID TimelineKey Revenue
    1 20120501 100
    1 20120502 100
    1 20120503 200
    1 20120504 200
    2 20120501 2000
    2 20120502 1000
    2 20120503 1000
    2 20120504 4000
    3 20120501 1
    3 20120502 2
    3 20120503 3
    3 20120504 4

    I want to take a look at the data of the last e.g. 30 days and get the information if the revenue per sales-opportunity has changed or not, and if so if the change was positive or negative. The ideal result based on above data would look something like this:

    OppID CurrentRev PrevRev
    1 200 100
    2 4000 1000
    3 4 3

    Actually the CurrentRev is not that important, as I already selected this in a different Dataset in my report, and could use this, but I would need the OppID and PrevRev.

    Is this possible?

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