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    Unanswered: Oracle client for 64 bit SSIS


    I am currently migrating a database to a new 64 bit windows server from a 32 bit windows server. One of my SSIS packages connects to an Oracle datbase using the ADO NET connection manager and the OracleClient Data provider. On the 32 bit server, we have an Oracle 10g express client installed.

    I need to install a similar client on the new 64 bit box, but i can't seem to find the express client for 64 bit. Does anyone know if it exists? Is it ok to use the 11g client instead for 64 bit?


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    The 11g client should be fine to connect to a 10g Express database. The express version of Oracle only affects the capabilities of the database, I do not think there are many limitations on the client side. Also, I do not believe the client connectivity files are licensed. As always, copious testing should be done.

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