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    Unanswered: Problem with encoding russian text to mysql


    I have a problem with importing database to mysql; with encoding russian symbols.
    when i import database through phpMyAdmin (or just make query) to mysql, russian text is written like "?????? ????" instead "russian text".


    I tried to convert text to utf8, win-1251 and so on, but no results.. words are "?????" or other strange like "—œ–™" that browsers can't understand.

    SET NAMES 'utf8'; doesn't help too

    will anybody help me?
    thank you
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    Hi Tonyyy,

    I have encountered this type of problem in the past. If I can remember it had something to do with the file character set is encoded in. In Linux/UNIX there is a utility called "file" which shows the character set used in the file:

    $ file toto.sql
    toto.sql: UTF-8 Unicode text
    Check this to make sure that it is being imported using the correct character set otherwise this will lead to issues you have mentioned above.
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