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    Unanswered: Text box to Sign a form

    Hello, I have a database that tracks various information, but I have a form on which a manager enters data about one of their associates when ever they do what we call a "Ride Along", which is exactly what it sounds like, the manager rides along with the associate and monitors their interaction. The laptops the managers use have touch screens on them and have the abilty to write free hand with a stylus. I am trying to creat a box on the form where the manager can have the associate sign after they complete the ride along. I tried just putting a text box in but when you sign it on the laptop it tries to convert what you signed into text. How can I get it to just copy what ever was signed and store it to the table with the rest of the information. Anyone have any ideas? the laptops they use are toshiba protege's if that helps.

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    Idea here, I dont know if itd work, but have you tried using a picture box? or an unboud/ bound box? etc? just a thought, sorry i cant be of more help

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