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    Question Unanswered: How to correct a wrong use of charset on the client after some years ?

    Hi everybody,

    In my compagny, we have several Sybase servers. Some on 12.5, the greater part on 11.9.

    All servers have a charset set on cp850. For our use (a french company with a french perimeter) it is ok.

    But all clients are connecting with a client charsert set on iso_1. This from the beginning.
    Nobody noticed the fact. or didn't tell

    But when I wanted to put the data "€" in a table, I noticed it was not possible. Indeed, "€" like "Œ" doesn't exist in the charset iso_1.
    But it exists in the charset cp850.

    So I set a client with the charset cp850 and it worked. But like this a old data inserted like "célèbre" will be out "c‚lŠbre". Normal because the old conversion from iso_1 to cp850.

    I don't want change the charset cp850 of servers. I want to change the way of connection on client by using the charset cp850 too and see correctly old datas.
    It is possible ? (I have a dozen of server with a minimum of 2 bases with a average of 200 tables I think, I don't want update all datas myself )

    Thanks for any help.

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    With the two charsets, iso_1 and cp850 this i believe is a direct conversion so:

    You can set charset conversion on the server to be active:
    sp_configure "enable unicode conversions" to 1


    You can use a login trigger to set the characher conversion on the session:
    set char_convert on/off

    hope it helps.

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