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    Unanswered: Query Access Column for information

    Hi All,

    I am new to access and have encountered an issue i would like to overcome.

    Having received a MS Access table with approx 10 fields, one of which is a memo field containing information from Active Directory. This field contains organizational information that I would like to break into separate fields.

    For example the data in this field may look something like "12131215176, OU=acb, OU=everylastdrop, OU=mybad". The contents of that field for another record may look something like AB838378, OU=Abby Come Back, OU=just a few drops, OU=This is driving me nuts"

    Why I am stuck is because the only thing that is constant is the fact that a comma can be found before each part I want separated. Is there a way to:
    1. copy the info before the first comma to a new field?
    2. copy the information before each subsequent comma to new fields?

    Based on the example above is it possible to construct a MS Access (2007) query using the Query Wizard? Can someone explain how I might go about doing this?

    Thanks in advance

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    consider using the split function to break apart the data into an array

    however you cannot use split within a query directly

    consider designing your columns so that they conform to industry norms
    consider wringing the developers neck who allowed storing multiple elements of data, on second thought don't wring their neck, instead consider using a necklace on the grounds its sufficiently effective to virtually guarantee the roginal developer woin't do such things again, and it will encourage other develoeprs who see it from even considering to use such a design.
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