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    Unanswered: how to get the quantity from output of sql query command

    I want to know how to get the quantity from output of sql query command

    for example, I could get the container name by below command

    select container_name from sysibmadm.snapcontainer

    get the container number by


    now I want to get the container number by below command output result
    select container_name from sysibmadm.snapcontainer
    so what more command should I add on above command, I mean I want to get the container number by container name from the output of above command, not by 'join'.
    Thank you in advance.

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    post CREATE TABLE statements for both SNAPCONTAINER & SNAPTBSP_PART tables
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    Why "not by join"? Joins are designed for such purposes.

    Anyway: you might create a function which will pass container number and return container name. For example (as you didn't provide test case, this one is based on Scott's schema - a function returns department name).

    This is how I'd normally return department name - using a join:
    SQL> select e.ename, e.job, e.sal, d.dname
      2  from emp e, dept d
      3  where e.deptno = d.deptno
      4    and e.ename = 'ADAMS';
    ENAME      JOB              SAL DNAME
    ---------- --------- ---------- --------------
    ADAMS      CLERK           1100 RESEARCH
    Now, create a function:
    SQL> create or replace function fun_dname (par_deptno in number)
      2    return varchar2
      3  is
      4    retval dept.dname%type;
      5  begin
      6    select dname
      7      into retval
      8      from dept
      9      where deptno = par_deptno;
     11    return (retval);
     13  exception
     14    when no_data_found then
     15      return (null);
     16  end;
     17  /
    Function created.
    Use it!
    SQL> col d_name format a15
    SQL> select ename, job, sal, fun_dname(deptno) d_name
      2  from emp
      3  where ename = 'ADAMS';
    ENAME      JOB              SAL D_NAME
    ---------- --------- ---------- ---------------
    ADAMS      CLERK           1100 RESEARCH
    Is this what you are looking for?

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