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    Unanswered: Search Bar Access Report

    I have been having trouble creating a search bar. When i try to create a macro for it keeps saying error macro contains error or it just go through where i told it to look individually. This is what i did....

    I have a report with 52 different funds. They all have individual table and a graph. I but a text bar at the top of the report with a label saying "Searh". I went into properties and went to the ''event'' tab. ''On enter'' i clicked macro builder.

    This is what i have:
    Object type: report
    Object name: Fund Report (report name)
    Record: First
    where Condition: description=[Fund Name]

    when i begin typing in the name i want it to appear in the search bas as your typing in highlighted form. then once you hit enter i want it go to that part automatically so i dont have to scroll down to it.
    This is what my report template looks like:
    Search Fund_________________

    Fund Name
    TABLE _________________________________________________



    Now i have 52 of theses. So its a pain to scroll through. i want to have the search bar at the top filter through and give me the fund i wish to view. Let me know if you know how to do this or, if there is a better way of presenting the data

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    ok, so I still havent been able to figure it out, but, I believe im closer. I have now set up a macro to do this:

    FindRecord: [Fund Name]
    Match: whole field
    Match Case: Yes
    Search: Down
    Search as Formatted: Yes
    Only Curren Field: Yes
    Find First: No

    This is in my reports as mentioned before. I have placed a combo box in the page header. By having the combo box it allows me to begin typing in it and having the criteria appear as i am typing. Essentially im half way now. If anyone has any idea please let me know


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