hi all! I am very new to database. I am trying to set up a database of one hockey teams history. I am using access 2010 to creat tables etc. but I am getting lost very quick. I also want this database to be installed to my website so visitors can pull info from it, such as all time numbers worn by players (multiple players,multiple numbers) all time record vs other teams from league, all time players with stats by year. I want them to be able to find a this for example: all defense that worn number 10 or all plyers to wear number 10 in 1997.

Currently I have the following tables in data base. what am I Missing, what could be done better> be nice

Tables :
Players[PLayerID, first Name, last name]
Coaches[coachID, first,last]
Jerseys [playerID, seasonID,Jersey]
Seasons [seasonID seasonType(1 for reg.season,2 for playoffs), Season (by year)]
Opponents [teamID,teamCity,teamName]
StatsPlayerPost[same as above except playoffs]
StatsGoalie(same but diff stats)

am I heading in the right direction>

Thanks for any help