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    Unanswered: Dependency of Database from PosgreSQL?

    Hi again, dear people.

    I figure there are like 3 entities involved in using PosgreSQL:

    1.PostgreSQL itself,

    2. the database created/used, and

    3. A software (client) that talks to PosgreSQL, which in turn talks to the database and talks back to the software. So, it figures, but correct me if not so, that PostgreSQL is in-between the application and the database.

    I have these questions, and would much appreciate your valued replies on them, on the location/dependency of those 3 entities:

    1. Can each of the 3 entities be in separate machines and there-from interact? Meaning like: Computer-1 have the database, Computer-2 have PostgreSQL, and Computer-3 have the application (client)?

    Thanks again!

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    No. The database is not a "process" itself. It's an integral part of the PostgreSQL server and that cannot be separated. So 1) and 2) are always on the same computer. Actually one can't exist without the other.

    You might want to have a look here:
    and here: (page 3 & 4)
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    Thank you very much, Shammat. This confirms what I was kind of gathering, that contrary to what I was used to, the database DEPENDS on PostgreSQL, but PostgreSQL can exist without a database.

    In fact, seems to me, but correct me if wrong, the relationship is kind of like a one-to-many, since the same installed and running PosgreSQL can manage many databases simultaneously?

    I think this also kind of explains (to me) why the databases are not portable, as you made clear in another thread, plus of course the links you referred me to, that I will go to as soon as possible. First I'll make sure I have the docs for the version I installed (the latest, I believe).

    Thanks again. This is very helpful to me.

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