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    Question Unanswered: DB2 DBF to DDL conversion

    Hi, Can anyone explain me the approach to convert DBF files to DDL in DB2,
    We have 20 yrs old RPG on mainframe applications which uses the DBF, now i we are planing to migrate to New version on DB2 relational database. i need so me help to identify the approach, process and if any tolls avilable for this conversion

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    Which mainframe platform is being used?

    How will you deal with converting the code?

    It sounds like there is much more to consider than getting the data into DB2.

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    DB2 DBF to DDL conversion

    Hi its a hugh application, we are modernizing (complete re-write) module by module in Java technology. and its an 5 yrs project.
    Current platatform is Iseries and currently my main focus is on converting module related DBF files to DDL.
    If you can help me on the approach to take and is there any process and tools can help me doing this.


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