I would like to create a MQT say on "database1". I have a base/source table on a different database say "database 2" which is of type SCD2.

The data in the base/source table is around 100 million records and keeps growing 10-20 million every month.

I am planning to use staging table concept to refresh delta in MQT.

create table stagingtable for mqt immediate

My quesion is when the base table is inserted/updated/deleted using an ETL. Then the changes will be triggered immediatley to staging table.
Will this cause a performance degrade for the ETL that is loading the base table.

1) Is there a way i could make the changes to propagate from base table to staging table after the ETL is completed ?

2) Will incremental/delta refresh work for mqt for which the base table is SCD2 or SCD1?

Appreciate reply.