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    Unanswered: Appendin data from excel

    Quick question, ive been googling and plauying around with this for two days now. I have been creating a macro to automatically append the data to my access tables. Now # of the 5 tables work perfect. 2 of them say subscript out of range. now i dont understand why it says that. I have made sure my fields headings are the same as well as the format of the cells. If anyone has dealt with this in the past and understands why and ways of fixing it let me know of these tips ! aha. Now i have five tables. 1. Address Infor, primary key is ID# 2. Portfolio Primary Key Fund. now the ID from address is linked to a field in this table. 3. risk Pkey is Fund 1-1 relationship with Fund in Portfolio. 4. Service Pkey is Fund 1-1 relationship with Fund in Portfolio. 5. fund stratefy. Pkey is Fund 1-1 relationship with Fund in Portfolio. Porfolio and Fund Strategy are out of subscript range. all relationships include referential integrity, and cascade updated fields.

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    I'm groping in the dark here, but I have had to grapple with the following issue in the past.

    When importing or linking from Excel, you must make sure that you're importing from the correct worksheet. This can be done in two ways, depending on circumstances. If the Excel worksheet is called "Sheet1," you don't need to specify the sheet name in the VBA import method, as "Sheet1" is the default. If, however, the Excel sheet name is ANYTHING OTHER THAN "Sheet1," you must specify the correct name in the VBA statement. Otherwise you can get any wierd error and you'll be doing "Huh?" for a month. Check your Excel spreadsheets to verify their names.


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