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    Red face Unanswered: Performance issue for International users

    I built an database using Access 2007 (Running window 7) to capture cost savings projects. I have the front end (forms, reports, queries, macros etc..) sitting at each user's computer. Within the front end there are linking tables pointing to the back end (sitting on Share Drive). Once or twice users goes up pull up a project to update cost or adding a new saving project etc....

    We have no problem with performance sitting in corporate office (Texas USA) here. However people heard how neat it is and starting to request to use it globally ... now this is where the problem begins. Now we are having emergency call and complaint about how slow it is over EUROPE, CHINA, BRAZIL. Pressure is on!!! Internationall user have problem when the open the main form (to update or add a new project form), it froze their computer out for 10 mins and showing not responding.
    Same case, if USA user goes home and accessing this through VPN, they experience the same problem using Window XP. It is proven that window 7 will be faster on performance yet this doesn't fix anything for international users.

    I'm guessing the network travel speed from EUROPE or internationally to the Share Drive (data back end location) is very slow, just like how you traveling using a car driving to here in Texas and driving to Europe. I witnessed that to download the database front end to Europe user, it is 1KB/sec form Share Point comparing to Texas users is 4.5 Meg / sec.

    So i wrote all this because i'm trying to have you understand the background a little bit so maybe you guys can help me figure out what action / or where do I go from here to help speed up the performance for Globally users.

    If I move it to SQL server, do I have to rebuild the front end again? Does it really help speed up since you now understand speed from EUROPE is very slow.


    Any feedbacks or suggestions will be greatly appreciate. If I confuse you guys, let me know I will try to clear it up more.

    Right now our short-term solution is Remote Desktop for Europe users to access a computer that is setup here in Texas. But we do want to find a long-term solution as fast as we can.

    Thanks much for spending the time reading.


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    Albert Kallal has an often quoted article on the subject of WANs and Access that can be found at

    MS Access on a WAN?

    Hopefully it can be of some assistance!

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    All posts/responses based on Access 2003/2007

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    Thanks a lot Linq,

    It was a very helpful article. I'm forward that link to IT department =)


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