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    Unanswered: SQL statement

    Hi I have a table where one column is an id card number (col1) and another is another column (col2). In col2 I have various values for each col1 ie col1 can have various values of col2. How can i insert col1 concatenated for each col1 in another table please?

    any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you

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    I think you better post a sample data table and the corresponding rows you want to insert in another table.

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    Air code, but I think this is what you need:
    INSERT INTO tblAllValues(Col3)
    SELECT Col1 + '~' + Col2 --Or any other separator here, if required
    FROM tblSplitValues
    Play about with the SELECT statement until you get what you need, remembering to add your actual table names.
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