Hi everyone.

I have installed PostgreSQL in Windows 7 machine and so far so good. I like its capabilities.

I have also installed Postgres Forms (pgForms) and it does what it is meant to do.

However, what I wish to do is write applications that use Postgres databases where one can have much more posibilities than those afforded by pgForms.

In particular, what I want to do is:

1. Run the entire application under program control. I believe this would be most likely script files that control how/when the forms appear to the end user.

2. I want a minimum of end-user gadgets to show on the forms, basically only the minimum needed for the use of the application.

3. The same for reports. They would be under program control.

4. Program control would, of course make some options as to ranges, where's and pre-determined SQL possibility when using forms and producing reports.

5. Hopefully, the custom forms and reports designed by the facility would be stored in posgres tables. End users would not be able to design forms, nor reports.

6. Facility would be provided for advanced users, likely some SQL query but again under program control.

I would very much appreciate suggestions and directions on how to accomplish this.

I am not yet familiar with the modern languages, but am willing to learn from what is suggested.

If what I am after needs to use software that is not cost-free, please also suggest that, for I will consdider those too.

Anything needing clarification on my part, I will gladly try to do.

Thanks everyone.