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    sumif function with doul criteria

    i want to know that is there any way to use sumif function with matching 2 criteria.
    i.e. PFA the zip file of table

    i want first check the "E" column read the text "Oct 2011" from there then check the "F" column, in "F"column read "RT3" and provide the sum of "RT3" from Column "D"

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    is there any solution ?

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    if you'd care to say what language you are using
    what database you are talking to

    even had you stated what you were using then I don't think its reasonable to get antsy after 3 minutes

    Im guessing its an Excel or similar spreadsheet
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    Yup, sure does sound like Excel.

    As xtremetechnology is brand-new here i suspect that the meaning of the "New Members . . ." part of the forum was misunderstood.

    There is a separate part of the forum for Microsoft Excel questions. Suggest you post your question there (if this is an Excel queston).

    If anything is not clear, reply here and someone will try to help.

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