Hello, I'm having a really bizzare issue with an Access 2007 database that's linked to a Sharepoint site.

I have a form who's data source is a linked table in the database which is linked to a list on a Sharepoint site. Each record on the form has several fields which are various types.

If you edit a value in one of the text boxes, then scroll the view away and come back and then select another field the value that was just edited in the origional record is copied into another record being displayed on the form.

Most (but strangely not all of the time) if you close the form immediatly and re-open the copied text is no longer there and the value in the table isn't changed. However if the field the note was copied into is selected, the value in the table is updated and the origional data is lost.

The issue only occurs in 1 field of the records which is a Text Box on the form and is linked to a Multiple Lines Of Text field in sharepoint list.

I'm pretty sure this is some kind of issue with the connectivity between Access and Sharepoint since the problem goes away if I copy the list into the database as a local table. Unfortunatly I need the table to be house on sharepoint since I have many users that need to be able to edit the list.

I've already pleaded my case to house the database on a network drive instead of sharepoint but I was unsucessfull. So I'm stuck trying to find a way to work around this.

Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome.