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    Unanswered: How would I merged and display a serpare query into one

    I am trying to merge 3 queries I have done into one. I have two of them running, but how do I get a row for "Reprints_with_Trend" that would calculate with timetrend too (*1440>5) statement for only values with over 5 minutes as the 5 columns.

    Select employees, siteid,sum(num_REPRINTS) AS NUMTIMES_CASHREPRINTED_ALREADY,--Reprints_With_TimeTrend,
    Select al.fastlane_login_username AS flusers, al.fac_idu AS SiteID, to_CHAR(attempt_date_time,'YYYY-MM-DD') as Dates,
    COUNT(*) as NUM_REPRINTS--Count (attempt_date_time) as Reprints_With_TimeTrend
    FROM Table_Names1 Inner Join Table_Names2
    WHERE attempt_date_time >=
    '1-May-2012'--TO_DATE (:dtstart, 'mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mi:ss')
    AND (attempt_date_time <= '31-May-2012'--TO_DATE (:dtend, 'mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mi:ss')
    And (pm.payment_method_desc = 'Cash')
    --AND ((al.attempt_date_time - th.time_out) * 1440) > 5
    Group by al.fastlane_login_username , al.fac_idu , to_CHAR(al.attempt_date_time,'YYYY-MM-DD')
    GROUP BY flusers, siteid --Reprints_With_TimeTrend
    Order by sum(num_Reprints) desc

    How would I get "Reprints_With_TimeTrend" to display on a new column with "attempt_date_time - th.time_out) * 1440) > 4.3
    " only affecting that columns.
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    I find the posted code to be effectively unreadable.
    When I paste the posted SQL into my formatter, it reports it contains invalid syntax.

    what is to be gained by combining 3 queries into one?

    How will you, I or anyone recognize any post SQL response as being correct?
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    Maybe is because of all the Tables names or I removed alot of the tables_name and Inner Join

    We just want to run a query and display the three result we want.

    So far, I can only get it to display two of them

    without ((attempt_date_time - th.time_out) * 1440) > 5

    calculating into the other *Count

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