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    Unanswered: User Library Checkout Information

    Hi everyone,

    I had a real specific request for help in creating an automation process for a tedious task of mine.

    Specifically, the end of each month I have to use the access database and search each unique user (roughly around 80+)and see what kinds of devices they have checked out. The information contains: the Device name, Date of Checkout, and Expected Date of Return (Much like a library notification system).

    After I find all the devices for one particular user (with a basic search through design view and action), then I have to copy and paste that info into an outlook email. The worst part is I have to manually email them user into a basic template that I reuse manually (through copy and pasting). The process pretty much looks like this email example:

    Email address: Manually copy and paste the appropriate email address.
    Subject: Re-use the same identical subject header

    Hello (Type their First Name),

    Here is your current devices checked out.

    (Copy and Paste Access Table)

    Then a message ending the email.


    Ideally, I am hoping to create a VB script in which it will:

    1.) Search up all the unique users and compile a current checklist table
    2.) Utilize the existing user information in the database (e.g. First Name, Email Address) to automatically fill out the manual labor work areas shown above in my mock email.
    3). Do this for every unique user with a current device checked out and either have it sent out or saved as a draft email in outlook (to double check for errors)

    As an email it would look like this instead:

    Email: (User Email from DB)
    Subject: Your Current Checkouts as of (Today's Date. 06/30/12)

    Hello (First Name from DB),

    Currently you have these devices checked out:

    (Insert Table of all Checkouts from DB)

    End of email message...


    That would be an example of one user email automation. However I would like to have it also automated by doing it with all the current users with checked out devices in one click of a button.

    Any suggestions for approach and examples of coding would help. Thanks again for your time.
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