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    Unanswered: how to find current sort order and char set

    hi, I have login access to a database in a vendor's ASE 15.5 server. I need to create an identical database in my own development server.
    I need to find out the sort order and the character set used in the vendor's database. Is there are sp_* procedure to show me the current values in a server ?
    Searching through this forum, I came upon sp_helpsort. That seems to show all available collation names and IDs. I need something which helps me select a sort order and character ste in the new to be created server.

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    You are correct 'sp_helpsort' gives you the current configuration as well.

    At the end of the result you will se something like: ( after all the collation names and loadables)

    Character Set = 190, utf8
        Unicode 3.1 UTF-8 Character Set
        Class 2 Character Set
    Sort Order = 50, bin_utf8
        Binary sort order for the ISO 10646-1, UTF-8 multibyte encodin
        g character set (utf8)

    These are the server settings currently.


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