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    Unanswered: problem insert long XML into DB2 table

    I have a simple table containing a XML field. Normally I will just use
    INSERT INTO TABLE VALUES (1, '<xml>my xml</xml>', 'N', 'Y')
    and it always works.

    But this time I have a very long XML(69632 Bytes) to insert, db2 give me a SQL0102N error.

    Then I tried to save my command in a sql file and run it by
    db2 -td@ -s -f"pathToMySQLFile\mycommand.sql"
    . But I got exactly the same error.

    I tried also to use import option of table in control center, then I got SQL3115W The field value beginning "'<?xml version="1.0" ?>" in row
    "1" and column "2" is longer than the longest allowable table column. The
    value was truncated.

    Now I am stuck. How can I insert this long XML into my table? Any help please? I am using DB2 Enterprise 9.7.
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    according the doc

    Since the import utility restricts the size of a single column value to 32 KB, extra considerations need to be taken when importing LOBs.
    put the lob in a file and use modified by lobsinfile with import command
    LOB import considerations
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    thanks a lot! I have not thought of that. Will try it now.

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