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    Unanswered: Not able to edit SP in shared hosting using workbench

    hello all,
    We are using a web application using PHP + MySQL, and hosting is done in shared hosting services. The DB queries are written using Stored Procedure(SP). WHile creating the SP, we used to login to the phpmyadmin and create the SP by pasting the query create procedure in the SQL query command window. All works fine, no issue

    Now we want to use the workbench to do editing the SP, for checking the diff of the schema and all. Here our problem starts, workbench is not able to show me or edit the SP, its not able to get the data. all the tables we are able to access.

    After debugging, got help from the hosting provider, they told since the SP is created using phpmyadmin, the definer in taht is so only through this we can edit it.

    my queries are as below

    1) How can i change all the SP to be editable from my PC through workbench and take advantage of the schema compare feature , where my IP address also changes (Dynamic IP for internet connection)

    Some one can trough some light on this, will be very helpful

    Thanks for the support

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    That is something you'd have to ask your host.

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