Hi, I have a problem with crystal reports at runtime...... I have a website application in which I have used crystal report... When I run the application, crystal report asks for parameters like range of dates and some specific string names as input for the report generation, I have entered these values manually so that the report will retrieve the data by hitting a stored procedure... But Unfortunately even after I supply the parameter values also an extra window is popping-up requesting to select the input parameneters once again... Not able to figure out why this happens..... My Report does not contain any subreport. Is there any way to remove that prompt?

I have attached my code here

ReportDocument rptdoc = new ReportDocument();
rptdoc.SetDatabaseLogon("UserName", "Password", "Server Name", "Database Name");
rptdoc.SetParameterValue("@strroute_id", droproutename.SelectedValue.ToString());
rptdoc.SetParameterValue("@intagent_id",Convert.To Int32( dropagentname.SelectedValue.ToString()));
rptdoc.SetParameterValue("@dtstart_date", txtstartdate.Text);
rptdoc.SetParameterValue("@dtend_date", txtenddate.Text);
rptdoc.SetParameterValue("@intshift_id",Convert.To Int32( dropshiftname.SelectedValue.ToString()));

CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = rptdoc;