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    Unanswered: Search Record in Access forms...

    I have been building a step by step process to input data into my tables. I have been putting emphasis on user friendly! so I have 6 tables with 6 individual forms. now I have an Autoexec to run a pop up form. on this form i have 3 buttons each button sends you in either ADD, Edit, or Search.

    Background: My tables are all related with a Fund Name. now this is because i have i have many different categories for each fund. so each category is a table.

    When i click edit I have a search bar come up. when i select a Fund i want to hit next to the first table. I need the found name to carry on to the next table. (It would save so much time instead of searching the fund on each individual table). anyone know how to do this?

    I currently have the search form set up like this: Click Edit. Then it brings up My first form. I have a search record on a combo box. then i can see details. and clikc next if i move on to my next categoryy. and so on. all category forms are built the same way. I want to have it set up to have a form with the search the fund just at the beginning and then you can click next through each category.
    Thanks In advance!

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    Do you have a Fund table setup with an ID that uniquely identifies each fund and a link to that ID in all of your category tables?

    The combo box on the search form can have Fund ID as it's bound column.

    Each category form can be setup with a "select * from category table where Fund ID = combo box" type of query

    Then you just need to manage the navigation and make sure that everything stays in sync. It might be easier to manage as a set of tabs with subforms rather than individual forms


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    thanks, I decided to put it in a navigation form. It work much better. its much easier to access information. rather then have individual forms all forms are just tabbed. Thanks. greatly appreciated.

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