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    Question Unanswered: Whats Installed During 11g Database

    OK so in reading as much as I can about learning Oracle 11g from scratch, I've been able to successfully install and interact with the RDBMS however through all the manuals & documentation I find, I still am confused about what in total is installed during a Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition.

    Obviously the basic Oracle 11g Database engine is installed along with client software like SQL*Plus but I don't know what else gets loaded / installed. I think some kind of web GUI is also installed by default that lets me interact with the Oracle database via a web browser. Not sure if this feature has a unique name or if other software also gets loaded. Is there a way to find out exactly what gets loaded on a server when I do a default installation of Oracle 11g Database on Linux?

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    The Web GUI you're thinking of is called DbConsole.

    Are you talking about which products are loaded/installed, or which components of products are loaded/installed?
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