I have 2010 non two machines - I have adobe acrobat v10 on one and reader on the other. The one with full version runs the following code perfectly:

Public Function fnGetImage(myform As String)

Dim strPath As String, lngItem As Long
Dim rst As Recordset
lngItem = Nz(Forms(myform)!Item, 0)
Select Case lngItem
Case Is > 0
Set rst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("select ImgPath1 from tblPDF_Images " _
& "where ImgItem = " & lngItem, dbOpenDynaset)

If Not rst.EOF Then
strPath = rst!imgpath1
Forms(myform)!axPDF.src = strPath
Forms(myform)!axPDF.Visible = True
Forms(myform)!axPDF.Visible = False
End If

Set rst = Nothing
Case Is <= 0
End Select

End Function

however the one running acrobat reader errors out on the src = line

I have tried using the loadfile method but same results. The activex is registered as well.

the error is 438
Object doesn't support this property or method'