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    Unanswered: Installation program needed

    I want to bid on small Access projects, such as modifying a table structure, adding relationships, fixing errors in code, etc. However, because these are remote projects - I don't have access to the actual DBs - I need a setup/installation program where the user would input (navigate to?) the folder information, and my setup program would somehow add the table, fix the query, or whatnot.

    How do I get hold of such a program? I use Office Pro XP. Do I need a developer or enterprise level?

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    I never heard of such a program and nothing similar can be found in the developer or enterprise edition of any version of Access that I know (from Access 2 to Access 2010).

    A typical automatic upgrade process consists in:
    1. Check the version of the locally installed access application towards "something" that returns the version number of the latest version. "Something" can be a SQL Server, a DCOM Server, a web site, a file (in any format) located in a determined location or anything else that the application is able to contact (or have access to) and that can provide the requested information (version number).
    2. if the version of the local appplication is obsolete (i.e. lower than the one obtained from "something"):
    a) Start an external process that will copy the new version of the application to the local machine and immediately exit the running application. This is very important because the .mdb file cannot be replaced by a new one if it's in use.
    b) After the copy, the external process described in (a) should restart the new version of the Access application.

    There are many variations and in some cases, the shortcut to start the Access application launch a process that:
    a) Performs the version verification.
    b) Copy the new version of the .mdb file if necessary.
    c) Launch the Access application.

    Several examples of such mechanisms can be found here in the code bank and on several other sites dedicated to Access.

    The closest thing I can imagine to what you describe would be a module that could copy Access objects from an Access database to another one (search in Access help for DoCmd.CopyObject). However such a mechanism would be rather limited because you cannot copy an object if it's in use and you also need to have exclusive access to the .mdb file.
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    No reason why you cannot do this using an Access application. Get the user to copy your update program to the same directory as the Target and they run the update program as required.

    Fire off any DDL queries as required.
    Copy any reports, forms or queries likewise.

    The user will have to provide the right data and front end (can be part or o Windows dialog) build in some basic error checking so if they run the update twice it will fail gracefully. Also build in some checkd to make certain the correct app is updated.
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    Thanks sinndho and healdem.

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