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    Question Unanswered: Issue in Microsoft SQL linked server.

    Hi All,

    I am facing issue in sql linked server.
    I have three servers.
    1) Server A
    2) Server B
    3) Server C

    If I am using below query means I am getting the result.

    Select [ServerA].Dbname.dbo.tblname
    Select [ServerB].Dbname.dbo.tblname

    The above Query executed on serverA.
    But the same Query executing dynamically means I am facing problem.

    Declare @servername varchar(100)
    Set @servername=’ Server B’
    Exec (‘Select [ServerA].Dbname.dbo.tblname
    Select [‘+@servername’].Dbname.dbo.tblname’)

    Dynamic query also executing in server.

    “Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'”

    I checked my linked server RPC and RPCOut both are TRUE.
    I create the linked using windows authentication mode .
    Can you please help on the issue?

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    Please present us with snippits of the ACTUAL code.

    This is obviously not the actual code because it has SO MANY errors and inconsitencies that there is no way it is running on anything.

    Your SELECT statements are not true SELECT statements.

    In some places you have spaces in the middle of server names. In others you have a space in front of the server name. In others you refer to those same servers without spaces.

    In some places you are using higher-order characters for quotation marks. In others, you are not.

    You're missing at least one plus-sign.

    Your login failure likely has nothing to do with any of the SQL presentation you've made--two separate issues.

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    I think this is a Kerberos double hop issue, ensure accounts are set up for delegation and you have SPN's

    this article should help

    Kerberos Error Configuring SQL Server Linked Server for Delegation - SQL Server Cast - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

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    The Anonymous login that you're using can only authenticate on the server which executes the Transact-SQL. You need to either learn more about how Windows Authentication and proxy operations work, or you need to post the actual code that you're using so that we can help diagnose your problem.

    Based on what you've posted, there are several thousand possible answers, but about ten of those cover most cases. Without sufficient details, we can't decide which one of the possible answers applies. Just giving you the answers won't help, because the fundamental problems are different and without a solid understanding of the problem you could spend many hours and a lot of money trying to figure out which one solved your problem.

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