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    How to create tables in this forum?


    I needed help for a SQL query and some really nice people helped me.... A few of them asked me to post results in a table, but to be honest with you, I am not really sure how to do this. Like I said in some of my posts, I am new to this and I appreciate every help that I can get. Maybe someone can explain to me how to create tables like the one from kordiko in my post :

    Thanks, Tobias

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    Suggest you use the Code Tag (if i understand what you are asking).

    To use the Code Tag, click on Go Advanced. The # above the text box will "wrap" your data with the Code Tags - which will improve readability and preserve alignment.

    Assuming i've understood what you are asking

    Also, when posting code (sql or whatever) use indentation and the Code Tag.

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