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    Unanswered: Need help on user registration/management web form with db2 and php

    I'm trying to develop a user registration web form using php.
    And I'm using DB2 Express-C to manage information of the users.

    I encountered some problems as below.
    *how registered users can use databases in DB2 because users in DB2 is actually the OS users.
    *how to create only DB2 users (not OS users) with user registration form.

    My basic consideration.
    * a confirmation e-mail (with userid and password) will be sent automatically to the users after the registration completed.
    *the registration must be based on valid e-mail, and moreover no free e-mail allowed (yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc.).
    *only registered users can know their password. DBS admin cannot see the password.

    *how to automatically grant the registered users to a certain database in DB2.

    I've have been searching for guides for the purpose but no success.
    I'm only found some article on 'php + MySQL', but none on 'php + DB2' .

    Is there any article where I can refer?
    I really need a step-by-step tutorial.
    However, any suggestion also could be a good help

    Thank you in advanced.
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    Instead of creating new db users each time a user is added, why don't you just create a users table with a password hash in that table (since it's hashed nobody can see their password; you check any password they enter against that hash when they try to log in). Then you would just need one user that your application uses to actually connect to the database, and you authenticate manually when people log in.
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