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    Unanswered: How to create a search of records in a form

    I have a form (NewItemForm) that lets you create records by typing in Name, Description, PIN # and select Can Size, Upcharge and Price.

    I want to be insert a feature that lets the user search the records created (specifically by PIN #) and pull up all information on that PIN # (form query "Form"-because that also includes the total and discounted prices).

    Any help, or clear step by step directions would be great (I'm kinda new) thank you!
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    Why not simply let Access do all the work? You may have done some of this already.
    • Create a form using your table/query as the Record Source.
    • Goto the Field List and drag the fields you want retrieved onto the form
    • Place a combo box on the form.
    When the Combobox Wizard comes up:
    • Select "Find a record on my form based on the value I've selected..."
    • Next
    • Select the appropriate identifying field to appear in the Combo box (Pin #, in your case)
    • Next
    • Size the Combo box column
    • Next
    • Name the combo box
    • Finish
    Now the user can use the dropdown arrow of the combo box to retrieve the data or simply start typing the identifying data in and the combo box will start to autocomplete the entry. When the correct entry is found hit <Enter> and the appropriate data should be retrieved.

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    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks that did help alot! And thanks for the clear instructions, I appreciate it.

    If you see the query "Form", the field Upcharge is under labels like "Upcharge 2". My question is how can I keep the label "Upcharge 2" but have it correspond to the actual upcharge price (as seen in "Upcharges" table?). I need this so that the labels stay the same but the expressions for Total Price and Discounted Price can still work.


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