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    Unanswered: hotel management soft

    am new in programming my class assignment is built a hotel management soft example. please help me

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawrance View Post
    am new in programming my class assignment is built a hotel management soft example. please help me

    first off create some form of model, whether you do that using pencil & paper or a tool like MySQLs own workbench is up to you.

    Analyse the business processes

    try to work out what is required for a hotel management software package. granted its doubtfull that you'd need to model the complete system with every feature of a real world example. presumably your coursework requires a minimum number of tables, views and so on.. but you'd need to start off by identifying what a hotel does (eg what its functions are). I'd presume its main business is selling space (eg selling overnight accomodation, selling restaurant tables, selling public space such as rooms to wedding, exhibition or other events).

    so you'd need to identify what are the the things that make up those bookings

    then you'd need to think in how the hotel would consume that data, those would be specific views of the data.
    what space is available on a specific day.
    how would a hotel get paid for each booking
    how would a hotel interact with a specific customer (what information do they require, what information would they like in addition for say marketing purposes)
    how would housekeeping know which rooms needed cleaning and so on.
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    thanks dude

    am trying friend.

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    If you come up with specific questions we can probably help with those. I don't know how to help with the general statements that you've provided so far.

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