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    Unanswered: Sql1013n - sqlstate 42705

    db2level - db2 v9.7.0.441 , s090521 , NT3297, and fix pack 0

    db2licm -l
    Product name: "DB2 Express-C"
    License type: "Unwarranted"
    Expiry date: "Permanent"
    Product identifier: "db2expc"
    Version information: "9.7"
    Max number of CPUs: "2"
    Max amount of memory (GB): "2"

    OS: Win XP

    A customer has received this error ever since he did a hard power down of his pc. I've connect to the pc and can see the database (db2 list database directory)

    Database 1 entry:

    Database alias = MCCTOOL
    Database name = MCCTOOL
    Local database directory = C:
    Database release level = d.00
    Comment =
    Directory entry type = Indirect
    Catalog database partition number = 0
    Alternate server hostname =
    Alternate server port number =

    However, when I try to connect to the database I get this error:
    C:\DB2\NODE0000>db2 connect to mcctool
    SQL1013N The database alias name or database name "MCCTOOL" could not be
    found. SQLSTATE=42705

    Any idea on what caused this? Any solution? Can the database be recovered?

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    Has someone been deleting files from C: ?

    When was the last time that the database was working (allowing connections and queries)?
    (you can tell this from evidence in db2diag.log).

    If someone or something has been deleting files, best to recover the database from a backup.
    (ahtough it's possible more files might have been deleted than you might know about).

    Another possibility is to do a boot-time CHKDSK (with fix) , in case the unclean powerdown caused filesystem corruption.

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    To my knowledge nobody has deleted anything.

    The database was active and working on the day prior to my post. I do find many Level "severe" in the db2diag.log. For example:

    2012-06-20- I2994934H491 LEVEL: Severe
    PID : 2392 TID : 2604 PROC : db2syscs.exe
    APPHDL : 0-23336 APPID: *LOCAL.DB2.120620174902
    EDUID : 2604 EDUNAME: db2agent (MCCTOOL)
    FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, config/install, sqlf_alert, probe:2
    DATA #1 : Hexdump, 4 bytes
    0x060F3910 : 73EC FFFF

    I created an new database and got the customer running. I left the old database in place in the event I could figure out a way to a) retrieve and data (they did not backup their db) b) make it work again. Any thoughts on either of those options?

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    No backup of the database, I wonder who is repsonsible for that!

    Did you do a boot time chkdsk on the database-server (to fix any file system corruption issues caused by the unclearn shutdown) ?

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    tell them to get a higher fix pack level as well

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