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    Unanswered: Have a form look up field when creating a record

    Sorry that this might be hard to explain but here it goes.

    I have a form (attached) that the user can insert the Name,Description, PIN #; select a Can Size and multiple Upcharges.

    The form creates the record into table DNP.

    The query "Items Form" takes DNP records and (will eventually) create total and discounted prices, etc.

    Price is determined by Can Size as seen in the Can_Size table and SizePrice query. What I need is for when the user creates the record, the Price goes to DNP table AND/OR just the "Items Form". Price can not be on the form like it is for Can Size and Upcharges (yes I know its in the Can Size combo). I'm pretty stuck.

    Any directions or guidance would be greatly appreciated- Thank you!
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    Any directions or guidance would be greatly appreciated- Thank you!
    fix the faults in your design as advised in one of your many earlier posts
    similar columns in the same datatype
    numbers in numeric columns, dates in date columns, text/string in text columns of an appropriate size
    then define the relationships using referential integrity checking

    once you have got your foundations right then you can start worrying about details.

    BTW its bad practice to store the same information in multiple tables

    what happens when the price of a can changes?
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    Thanks for the reply. I made an attempt to clean up the database, but unfortuntely can't get my Upcharge subform to work.

    Is there anyway you can look at it now and see if theres a way to get the Upcharge subform to let the user select multiple Upcharges (based on Upcharge ID) and have it create the records in table NDP?
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