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    Question Unanswered: Space of specific tables in the Informix database

    Dear all,

    Hope all is well.

    I have a question with regards to how to uncover the space available and used in each table of an Informix database.
    Is it possible to output the same results as the command sp_spaceused for SQL server, and hence output the below results:

    name rowtotal reserved data index_size unused
    ---------- --------- --------- ------- ---------- ----------
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    Can this be done via a command or an sql program?

    Thanks in advance and I appreciate your help.

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    data are not organized exactly the same way in Informix than sql server. nevertheless you have several way to achieve your goal
    1) command line: oncheck -pt databasename:tablename, but since the table fits in one or several dbspaces, there os no notion of unused space.
    2) command : oncheck -pe dbspacename: you will see what space the tables occupy, and also the space available in the dbspace
    3) if you like sql statements make a join between systabinfo and systabnames in the sysmaster database, and you will also have what you want
    Cheap and easy :-)
    Hope this helps

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