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    Exclamation Unanswered: Importing and exporting content - myphpadmin


    My website was hacked so I had to reinstall evertything. I exported the old database from the old website _espiritorock (the name of the old database), and imported into the new database (_espiritorock12). But the content I really needed didn't come in the import, which was the Jomsocial content, I mean all the tables jml_community, about 53 tables.

    Since I install a fresh version of Jomsocial all the tables are there but empty.

    The databases are within the same phpmyadmin in Hostmonster account, so I can see that the old information is inside the old database but after I export it doesn't show in the new one.

    I did again the export, now only of the tables I want. I saved in my desktop and inside the new database I clicked import, looked for the file I downloaded and after a while it says import was successful. But again, the content is not there.

    Since I have never done this before I don't know what I am doing wrong.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would start by looking at the file that is generated by the export to see if the database is included in there. It could be that you are exporting only the structure and not the data.
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    yes I think you are exporting only structure and not data...

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    When I exported I chose the Structure and data option. I've done it more than 5 times already.

    After looking at you responses I tried to export only the data since apparently all the structures (tables) were there but with no data.

    I got an error. And the files weren't there once more.

    I'd be willing to PM someone with my cpanel login info if anyone would be kind enough to do it for me because I have no clue of what's wrong. I've attached some pics to show what I did and the error I got.
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    can we actually see thge files that imporeted successfully

    my guess is that this is a rtemote accoutn and you may well have timeout problems (ie the file is to big for the time the ISP allows you to connect via PHP, or the file is to big. you need to talk to the ISP and get their co operation. ideally get them to do the dump and restore
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