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    Unanswered: Expresssion builder doesn't have the correct fields

    Hi Everyone-

    I have a query that pulls Prices & multiple Upcharges for an item from a form. I group the Prices by Avg and the Upcharges by Sum (so that theres just one record/row per item). When I go to create an expression for Total Price (AvgOfPrice + SumOfUpcharges), it makes me input the AvgOfPrice and SumOfUpcharges.

    I think the problem is that the Builder doesn't have fields for Prices like my query does (it shows AvgOfPrices when the query field is just Prices). If anyone can take a look and see what the problem is I'd be really grateful. Thanks!
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    You can:

    1. Use a second query that references this one
    2. Use the sum & avg functions in your Total Price
    TotalPrice: Sum([Upcharges]) + Avg([Price])


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