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    Struggling with DB design for my first project!

    Hi All,

    My first project is a wrestling prediction forum (SAD I KNOW!).

    Anyway I'm struggling to come up with a decent DB design.

    The premise of the website is this...

    # Users register for the website.
    # Every month there is a big show which contains about 6 or 7 matches and they have to predict who is going to win those matches so they fill in a form to do this.
    # After the show I input who did actually win and then the users get feed back based on how many predictions they got correct.
    # Users will have a record of their predictions and results along with a score.
    # Will also be a leader board on the website as well.

    Now I'm struggling on how to actually keep the matches and predictions in the database.

    A show contains many matches and a match contains many wrestlers. So I'm guessing that's three tables right there already. The issue I'm having is how to actually store the predictions, how to store who actually won the matches and also how to store the users results as well! I'm completely stuck. Can anyone help please!

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    I thought wrestling was fixed?
    Anyhoo....model the actual entities in your problem:


    What would be the attributes of these entities?
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

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