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    Unanswered: Re-create joins after DBO change in SQL Server

    This is my first post here, so please be kind.
    I have been given the task of modifying MS Access queries which have been running for 12 years against an MS SQL Server database.
    There are hundreds of linked tables and now I have to re-link and modify the joins.
    Is there a simple method to do this?
    When I modified the prefix from the original BGGT_ to DBO_ all the tables were successfully modified.
    However, when I attempt to open the queries to re-establish the joins, I receive errors.
    Some of the queries I was able to modify in Query view.
    Others I can not. I receive errors such as query too complex.

    Can someone please help?

    Many thanks,

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    Please read the error messages, deal with the messages that you understand, and then post both the offending SQL statements and the resulting error messages for the messages that you don't understand. Knowing that you're getting error messages only tells us that something is wrong, but it gives us no insight into what problem occurred or what caused that problem.

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