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Thread: Update Query

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    Unanswered: Update Query

    Below is 2 table structures

    Table A
    Id Name
    1 ABC
    1 AYZ
    1 DEF
    2 OPI

    Table B
    Id Name Type
    1 XXX 1
    1 XYX 1
    1 XOX 1
    2 XPV 3

    I want the values from Table B Name to be updated to Table B so final table should look like below

    1 ABC
    1 AYZ
    1 DEF
    2 OPI

    Initially i tried with equi join but later realize that the 2 column has unique index and if would fail as equi join is resulting in multiple join then i tried with cor-related subquery but it was failing with multiple output in update

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    Hi, can you let us kwo that kind of information has your unique index and how many columns have in common between table a and b.


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