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    Unanswered: Field Background Color

    Has anyone ever experienced fields in a form changing to the background color on their own? All my fields are set to white and sometimes (maybe when they lose focus) they change to the background color.

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    The only time I know of that it's supposed to happen is when the control is disabled (ThisControl.Enable = False). Of course, if you set the visible property to false it will be invisible altogether.


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    If you're speaking of a Combobox Control and you're running Access 2007, from Allen Browne's 2007 article, originally called 'The Good the Bad and the Buggy:'

    A combo may display as transparent when focus leaves it.

    The Hotfix (post SP2 installation)

    Workaround: set AlternateBackColor property of (Detail?) Section to something other than "No Color", e.g. #80000027.
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    Hope this helps!

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