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    Unanswered: Postgresql database holding sessions

    I am working on one erp tool openbravo.
    After having one access to database, next time it's not allowing to same database, showing session access by some users.

    sudo netstat -tanp | grep 5432 this command i am using to find established sesssions, my postgresql running on 5432. And i am kill those processid manually.Why postgresql is not releasing the session?
    What can i do for that instead of manual approach?
    i wanted to release the session access to database after one access.?


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    It's not Postgres that has to release the connection, it's the application that releases connections.

    If you see connections hanging around fix the application, it's not PostgreSQL' fault.

    Closing the application (or shutting it down if it's a web-application) should release those connections.

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