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    Unanswered: DB2 V95 Command Editor not working in VPN

    Hi, I have installed DB2 V95 ESE on Windows 7 (32-bit) in VPN environment. The control center works fine but when I start command editor and try to connect to DB2 running on Linux, it gives me the following error message.

    connect to ABC_Server user user_1 using ********;
    SQL1042C An unexpected system error occurred.


    A system error occurred. Some possible reasons for this error are:
    * The database manager is not installed correctly or the environment is
    not set up correctly.
    * On UNIX-based systems, db2iupdt may need to be run in order to update
    the DB2 instance to enable acquisition of a new system configuration
    or access to function associated with the installation or removal of
    certain product options, FixPaks, or modification levels.

    The command cannot be processed.

    User response:

    * To update the instance to acquire a configuration or access to
    function run DB2IUPDT <InstName>.
    * If the error occurred while trying to connect to a database, get a
    trace (instructions below) and call IBM support.

    If the problem falls outside of the above suggestions, ensure that the
    system time and date is correctly set, and make sure your system has
    enough memory and swapping/paging space available.

    Resubmit the current command.

    If the error continues, stop the database manager and restart it.

    If the error still continues, reinstall the database manager.

    If trace was active, invoke the Independent Trace Facility at the
    operating system command prompt. Contact your technical service
    representative with the following information:

    Required information:
    * Problem description
    * SQLCODE or message number
    * SQLCA contents if possible
    * Trace file if possible.

    Federated system users: if necessary isolate the problem to the data
    source rejecting the request (see the Troubleshooting Guide for
    procedures to follow to identify the failing data source). If the
    problem is with a data source follow the problem determination
    procedures for that data source.

    sqlcode: -1042

    sqlstate: 58004

    I have been using the same DB2 V95 ESE file to install DB2 on Windows XP in networking environment and did not have any issues.

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    You connect to the database. Is ABC_Server your db name (more than 8 char)?

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