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    Looking For Experienced Developers to Join My Team

    I am looking for experienced developers to join my team. The project is a website with an entirely new and unique concept. It will include a video/voice/chat system much like Skype, a friend/message/newsfeed system much like Facebook, a merchant service, along with a few other features. All of this will be wrapped around the basis of learning. I have done my market research and I have my social proof, people like this concept, they will use this website. More information will be available upon request.

    This is a team environment, we go in as a team and we succeed as a team. The profits will be split evenly among all team members, but until we become profitable we will be working for free. Telecommute is accepted.

    I have assembled part of the team already, we need a database specialist. Let me know of any questions.


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    Looking For Experienced Developers to Join My Team

    Per your request
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