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Thread: exporting data

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    Unanswered: exporting data

    I have a sql server 2008 backend with an Access 2007 frontend database. Each time I export a query I get the following error:

    Microsoft Access was unable to append all the data to the table.
    The contents of fields in 0 record(s) were deleted, and 1 record(s) were lost due to key violations.
    *If data was deleted, the data you pasted or imported doesn't match the field data types or the FieldSize property in the destination table.
    *If records were lost, either the records you pasted contain primary key values that already exist in the destination table, or they violate referential integrity rules for a relationship defined between tables. Do you want to proceed anyway?
    I don't know what if anything is actually missing because of the amount of data is more thant 6000 records. It seems everything exported but I would have to comb throug the data to be sure. Can anyone shed some light on why Im getting this error and where I might start to see if anything is missing.

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    Not sure about your "export" terminology . . . it looks to me like you are importing data into a table in the Access client application from your SQL Server database.

    If that is what you are doing, the error you are getting says that the data you are importing into that table is violating a primary key uniqueness requirement, or you are violating the uniqueness requirement on one of your indexes.

    So, you need to scan your data for duplicates on any of the primary key, or index fields.

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    Thanks for the response. I am actually trying to export a query to a new excel spreadsheet.
    Thank you

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    Hi Ken

    Sent you a private message. Did you get it?
    Thanks Slimjen

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