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    Unanswered: Extracting sql server table metadata like schemaname, catalogname from memory/files

    Hello Guys

    I need a favour. I wanted to know that when I create a table using SQL Server, does the table metadata like schemaname and catalogname is stored in memory or in hard-disc. I am trying to extract schemaname and catalogname when the database is down or correctly when I have no connection string. I know about sysindexes, systables etc, but i am not able to understand whether it stores the data which is useful to me like catalogname.

    and can someone post me sql query to extract the column names from sysindexes.

    Thank you in advance

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    SELECT *
    I would also STRONGLY suggest that you consider buying SQL-Spec, it does exactly what you want.

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    Hi Pat

    Thanks for your reply. Information_schema is a useful database and thank you for adding it into my knowledge. But, along with this I wanted to know if without using a connection string or connecting to a database, is it possible to read all the tables or a single table metadata?.

    I am writing something which would not have access to database at all the times. I am thinking of a solution of storing it in a file and using it for later purposes. But was hoping that if something is already done by the databases.

    Thanks again

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